Safari is defined as an overland journey, and may not to necessarily be the one that is related to wildlife. The understanding mostly with people is that when they hear or about to articles that are relating to safari, then it is about riding in a jeep traversing wildlife parks in the jungle somewhere in Africa. This is necessarily not the case. If you are curious and desirous of knowing about diverse kinds of safari, this article may just be what you need to arm yourself with. They follow me to read on.

Horseback Safari: - Enjoy a very delightful experience by riding on horseback and explore the beauty of a safari wildlife parks. This can be very interesting and enjoyable as you do slow movement while on the horse, admire the birdlife, with some guide giving a leeway to seldom make a fast pace ride. Doing horseback safari can, of course, be enjoyed in so many wildlife parks in the horn of Africa, however, the Macatoo Camp in Botswana, I am sure will be a worthy destination. To the credit of the park, it has won the award for being the Best Riding Safari award from the Good Safari Guide a few times in the past. To this end, it will not be a bad option.

Yoga Safari: - Surely, wildlife safari and yoga practice may not look as the best natural fit, yet you cannot ignore the combination in all respect. You are certainly opportune to enjoy interesting wildlife-sporting and potential danger. Thereafter, you may have to treat yourself to a session of yoga with a view to unwinding in a beautiful surrounding. It will interest you to know that there are many companies in this segment of safari business. You can get any of them either from Kenya, Botswana, or South Africa. It is your choice that determines what you get in this regard.

Survival Safari: - In this area of safari, you may choose to be in Australia and then embark upon a Bush Safari combined with master classes focusing on survival. This safari experience will get you in tune with your environment and also afford you the opportunity to experience wild life, beautiful landscape, survival instincts and techniques all in one package. If not then in Australia, you can head for any of the big 5 destinations in Africa.

Flower Hunting Safari: - Your kind of safari experience may not be as mentioned above. Peradventure, what you are desirous is to have something out of the norm, yet exciting and thrilling, then you can go for flora.

Bear Watching Safari: - Do you in your own kind of choice, prefer a bear watching safari? Then Canada, Alaska, and Arctic Svalbard archipelago are the top places I will recommend for you to have a wonderful bear watching safari experience. Snake Safari: - Do you have nerves or the liver? Are you that you do not suffer from Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you can join the snake safari.