TATA Safari is a proper, 5 door SUV developed by TATA Motors. This vehicle happens to be the first SUV to be designed, developed and mass produced wholly in India. The first time this safari touched the ground was 19 years ago.

Nevertheless the fact that it did win a lot of fans as expected, yet till date, this safari performance off the road has won it admiration. At the launching of the safari early in the year 1998, it was fitted with a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinders, diesel engine that was turbocharged. Way back again in the year 2003, just 5 years of its debut, there was a remarkable upgrade done to the car and this includes power steering, better mechanics, improved interiors and much more that enhance its performance. Yet again, this does not make any impact on its hash engine. Then in swift response in the year 2005, Tata Motors launched a heavily modified Safari in that year with a 3.0-litre DiCOR engine. To interpret DiCOR, it means; Direct Injection Common Rail. It was the first from Tata Motors which had a common rail fuel injection technology.

The uniqueness of this Tata Safari is its ruggedness when it comes to off road capability. The SUV has a ground clearance of 205 mm, high approach and departure angles of 31, 30-degree break-over angles. It can also wade through water that is a foot deep. It can be engaged in 4 wheel drive without having to stop the car first.

This is possible because of a shift in its fly 4 x 4 engagement system. It can also climb hills that have an inclination of 26 degrees an equivalent of (78% gradients). You cannot take away its ability to tackle rough terrains, and I will say thanks to the feature of its limited slip differentials which prevents the tires from slipping when the ground offers a minimal grip. This is a wonderful feature, which worthy of commendation of the Tata Engineers. In pursuant of the safari being in the glare of the customers, series of modifications and upgrades have been done to her. The car is fitted with dual air conditioner and each with separate blower unit. These are directed towards the middle and the last row. There is an extremely useful feature, and it is the parking lot indicator. There is an eloquent testimony of this SUV by the people in Masai Mara safari lodge.